Sunday, 18 March 2012

Adenium Duels: The Game Is On

From what I gather there are two schools of thought in how to grow Adenium. One says to grow your Adenium with a lot of fertiliser and water in the growing period. By pampering this way you should be able to grow a big specimen in a minimum of time. On the other hand there are people who advocate growing them less like tropicals and more like succulents even when they are in growth. By growing them mean you can keep them lean (or actually fat and stubby). It's also about what your goal is with your Adenium I suppose. Do you want an abundance of flowers? Or do you prioritise a big caudex and strong stubby growth?
I'm quite keen to see how treating two similar 1 year old seedlings by these method affects growth.  I've chosen  two seedlings marked 'fragrant star'.

Our fighter in the red corner is significantly taller so this will be getting the hard treatment. It has had a couple of doses of mild fertiliser to jump start the season. The only fertiliser it will get for the rest of this growing season will be a measly teaspoon of organic slow released feed. I will also let it dry out significantly before watering it (waiting at least a couple of days after the rest of the collection gets watered).
The seedling in the blue corner is going to get pampered, I will give it significantly more feed than the others and also keep it more damp, maybe not even letting it dry out at all (if there is enough sun and warmth, I don't want it rotting).

Another claim I found was that if you want a nice big fat caudex you should keep your Adenium in a smallish pot restricting the roots. Here I have two Adenium Arabicum one of which I've put in a slightly larger pot.

I'm quite excited to see how this will work out. I can't regulate the amount of sun they are getting (giving less sun where I am just isn't an option). And for the rest of the Adeniums I'll keep a golden middle, giving them moderate water and moderate fertiliser. I can't wait for the results.

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