Thursday, 15 March 2012


My interest in black flowers and plants led me to aeonium zwartkop. A really lovely succulent with near black rosettes in a tree like, shrubby form. The problem was I couldn't find it anywhere, even though this plant is reportedly created (the zwartkop or schwartzkopf form). So i bought a small rooted cutting on Ebay late last summer. It was green with a slight blush but I expect it to darken in time. Since the sun has been coming out I've been ferrying my sun lovers out into the sun (and bringing them back in when its shady). You can see it is nowhere near black yet but it is colouring up nicely.

With my zwartkop you can imagine I've grown interested in growing more aeonium and luck had it that my local supermarket had a nice big fat one for sale. After a bit of googling I found out that this is a hybrid named Velour. It has a bit of a forced look to it of which I am not sure it is entirely natural so I'll be giving it as much sun as possible and really hold back the water.

Update on Aeonium Velour 

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