Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Allotment Continued

The allotment had to fend for itself for more than a week and I couldn't wait to see if there were some changes. Finally the peas and broad beans are coming up in droves, I might even need to thin them out a little (though I'm never a fan of that). Also the rucola that I sown in between the pea sticks finally germinated, squashing my suspicion that the seed was to old to be viable.

Thankfully the polytent held up and the radishes and lettuce planted underneath are growing much faster than the exposed ones. I think the radishes might be ready in the very near future.

The buds on the fruit trees are about to burst, the honeyberry is already in flower. Last year on the balcony the honeyberry gave me one whole berry so I'm hoping for more this time.

I also sowed some carrots and planted out the seedlings of yellow beets, purple cauliflower and purple kohl rabi. 

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