Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Allotment

Last November I became the fresh new tenant of an allotment. Because quite frankly growing fruit on the balcony, tomatoes in a dozen containers and onions in my grandmothers bone dry garden was not working out. The piece of land was black earth freshly ploughed. So in the mild months of winter I planted all my fruit, from an apple tree to my raspberries. Here's how it looks now. Still a bit of a wasteland but time and effort should change this into a veritable explosion of edibles.

As you can see there is not much going on yet. Under the poly tent (a birthday gift from my aunt) I've sown some lettuce and radishes.

Though to be fair the radishes I've sown outside are doing great as well.

The peas and broad beans are taking their sweet time, but some are  indeed rearing their little heads.

The fruit trees buds are going to burst any minute now.

And even though the ground has been thoroughly worked over some rhubarb decided they would persevere and grow from their topsy turfy position in the ground.

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