Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Black and White Iris Project

If you have read this blog before I am quite partial to 'black' flowers and foliage. One of the most charming examples of black flowers are Iris chrysographes and two years ago I purchased some seed to see if I could grow them. I ended up with two seedlings who have not yet bloomed and are just coming up.

This spring I also ordered a plant from Kevock nursery. Coincidence has it that a plant I have been looking for for years then shows up in my local garden centre. So now I have 4 different plants of Iris chrysographes and at least one of them should have nice dark flowers. Now I have hatched the plan to have a a big container filled with the monochrome glory of the combination of the black chrysographes and white Siberian iris 'snow queen'.

In the meantime I will let them grow in smaller containers this season or until they bloom. I'm keeping the seed grown iris in their own container. I'm looking forward to see of any of the chrysographes will bloom this year.

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