Sunday, 18 March 2012

Getting The Kevock Goodies Settled In Pt1

Getting new plants settled in always brings up questions. In the ground or in a pot? What soil should I use? Where will I position them? And considering these did not come cheap the least I can do is take some care settling them in. One thing that tends to flummox me is how to get soil that is well draining but also nice and moisture retentive. All the plants I planted today came with the instruction to put them in any good garden soil. I have chosen to buy some Mediterranean plant mix because it claims to be both light and airy but also has added ingredients to regulate moisture. (Pumice stone, cocofibers and clay).  I also feel quite encouraged by my thriving Primula Auricula which I have planted in a pot and just kept out of the rain in winter (apparently winter wet kills a lot of the alpine like plants). Here are the plants I basically planted in terracotta pots with the Mediterranean mix. Topping off with some to suppress weeds and keep the leaves dry.
Primula Melanantha: lets hope I don't kill it again
Roscoea tibetica: won't show growth til early summer
If this Primula Capitata does well I might try growing it in the garden

I decided I could probably get away with growing Meconopsis quintuplinervia in my little corner of the garden, I was pleased to see there were 2 big and two smaller rosettes. I really hope these do well so I can raise some seedlings to plant out in in my grandmothers driveway.

Finally I added my Saxifraga Rainsley's seedling (my free plant this delivery) into my limey alpine container. The soil is extremely gritty and has plenty of added lime. It has joined an Edelweiss, an Pulsatilla vulgaris (thanks Gardeners World, I had forgotten its name for a minute) an little conifer and some iris.

Tomorrow I will pick up some peat for the Calceolaria and the Meconopsis Napaulensis because they need a more acid soil.

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