Friday, 16 March 2012

In Bloom

In the garden there are not many flowers to look at. The snowdrops did poorly (yes the fact some chickens sat on them might be a reason), but there are still some Iris Reticulata 'Katherine Hodgekin' in flower. But between those and a couple of white Crocus not much is going on bloom wise.

 Inside the house the situation is not much better. A NOID Cattleya I bought a couple of weeks ago is still going, I really love red orchids and this might be one of the best reds ever. My other blooming orchid is one that I love, not only does it have red blooms (though not as pure as the Cattleya) but since I bought it two winters ago this is the second time it reblooms for me. I think it might be a hybrid Epidendrum Ibaguense but if someone knows for sure please let me know in the comments.

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