Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kevock Goodies

Today my order from Kevock plants arrived. Maybe it's a bit weird to order plants from across the Channel but their collection is awesome and I have decided I can allow myself one shipment per annum. Last year I ordered some meconopsis (betonifolia and punicea) a fancy primula and some other things. All those things are doing ok and I expect them to flower this year. I did however kill the stunning black primula 'primula melanantha' ( primula euprepes). Not accepting defeat I ordered it again and will be keeping it in a seperate pot so I can controll conditions.

A list of the plants:
Primula melanantha
Iris chrysographes  (Yes i'm a bit addicted to black flowers)
Calceolaria uniflora darwinii
Primula capitatata
Roscoea tibetica
Meconopsis napaulensis
Meconopsis quintuplinervia

and also a free saxifraga


Getting The Kevock Goodies Settled In Pt1
Settling In The Kevock Goodies (and others) pt2


Anonymous said...


I'am french an search to exchange seed with person who have garden passion.

If you are interested to exchange make a post in the website (forum)
in this topic and send a private message in this forum.

At this occasion i send you a list of seed available.

I am very interessting by primula seed in particulary Primula melanantha and auricula's.

I cultivate essentially perennial plants and hardy plant because i have a garden in Ardennes in France.

I have a collection of Cypripedium !

See you soon and good gardening !


Tessa Leonie said...

I saw pictures of your garden on the forum botanica, really beautifull. Email me if you want to talk about exchanging seeds.