Friday, 16 March 2012

Meconopsis waking up

Last spring I bought my first Meconopsis from Kevock. One Meconopsis Punicea and one Meconopsis Lingholm. Punicea formed a small rosette and did not yet bloom (it is monocarpic), nor did the Lingholm. It did however form an impressively large plant before it died down in winter. These plants hate wet winters so I planted both of these in containers to have some control over the elements. The container with the Punicea is quite high so has improved drainage, I left it uncovered just occasionally covering the corner containing the Punicea with a piece of plastic. The Lingholm I moved under a table so it did not get any rain (the table is covered with see through plastic so there was some light). As you can see the Punicea is awake and ready to go.

Once the Punicea started going I removed the Lingholm from under the table. It did not look particularly good. I thought I might have lost it but after I gave it a good long drink it woke up.

I hope  both of these bloom this year. At the end of growing season sale I found some more Meconopsis seedlings (label says Betonifolica), these I neglected a bit so they had both rain and drought during the winter but these survived miraculously and I added them to one of my containers (I might still plant these out in the ground but I'm not sure yet).

Hope to see them bloom in a couple of months.

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