Monday, 19 March 2012

New Acquisitions

On my last visit to a garden centre I spotted a lovely tree fern (Cyathea australis). On my way home I decided I had to have it (I'm starting a collection see, 2 species make a collection right?) And today was the day I went back to the garden centre determined to buy one thing and one thing only.

Mission accomplished I would say, but no. The moment we walk in my eye spots this.

I had read about this company (GardenOrchids) before online even emailing them where I could buy their orchids. They sell a collection of hybrid Cypripedium and I went for the Pueblo. Usually i;m not a fan of yellow, but the other option was a alba version of the Regina which I already have in the ground. There are five growing points as you can see and I can't wait for the flowers. I will probably keep it in a pot this year since I can't yet see where I would place it in between the other hardy orchids seeing as they haven't come up yet.

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