Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I started growing Plumeria at about the same time as I started with Adenium. First in winter with quite unspecified seed (Plumeria rubra) and later I got seed from Plumeria 'polynesian sunset' from here . Only one of the random rubra seeds survived to grow in summer and that one seedling got pretty big. However it did not survive the winter. I made the crucial mistake of putting it in too big a pot that kept it too wet when in dormancy. Upon inspection the lower part of the stem was mushy so I cut it off to try and root it in a new pot. However the growing tip is black so I'm pretty sure it is dead.

The three seedlings from the 'polynesian sunset' on the other hand are doing fine. They overwintered the same way as the adenium did : on the central heating grill. Just like the adenium they did not enter complete dormancy though they did lose most of their leaves. Two have already been put into a bigger pot (though not huge) the other will follow. I don't suppose they will flower this year but they should at least put in a good amount of growth. Maybe it is not a bad idea to keep their growth in check somewhat so they do not get too tall before branching. 

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