Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sarracenia Leucophylla Deer Park Alabama

In a slightly heated Ebay bidding war I won this Sarracenia. It has beautifully red veined white beakers but it did not grow at all in my garden. I put it in a make shift peat bog by putting a perforated bin liner in my bog iris container and covered it in peat. It did not die but neither did it thrive. The beakers were nibbled by the chickens and I pretty much expected it not to live through this harsh winter (minus 15 at least for a good stretch of time). Today I decided the Iris would probably enjoy the space and that I would remove the Sarracenia and see whether it is still alive. And lo! Exceeding expectations there are actually a good couple of healthy grow points  and I decided to pot it up out of reach of the chickies.

On the right you can see the growth points


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