Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Settling In The Kevock Goodies (and others) pt2

Finally got some peat so I could continue planting the acid loving plants. I got both white and black peat (I don't know why exactly). First the Calceolaria Uniflora darwinii, this needs very acid very gritty mix so I mixed in a lot of grit into a combination of the two peats and also a scoop of the Mediterranean mix. The plant had a tiny tiny root system so I really hope it will work out, those flowers are really to die for.

Then the Meconopsis napaulensis, I really don't have room at the moment for a rosette a meter wide in the garden but I did have a nice wide (shallow) container laying around that might do the job. I added plenty of extra peat to the Mediterranean mix for this one as well. 

I also had to plant the Cypripedium 'Pueblo', I can't see the other orchids emerging from the ground yet so I decided for at least this year to keep it in a container. I mixed a nice airy gritty mix with some extra peat for moisture and this should work out fine. The root system on this baby was amazing, filling the whole pot with big fat healthy roots.

Update: Cypripedium Pueblo is now in flower

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