Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sun Bonsai

A couple years ago I decided to spice up the pergola a bit with some moss balls. What you do is fill a sock with potting soil and form it into what approaches a spherical form. Then you plant something in it and cover the sock with moss. I have since taken them down because most of them were filled with annuals and replanting was a bit difficult. In one of these balls I had planted a year old sapling I found in my grandma's garden. I think it was either a beech or a maple, we'll find out when it's in leaf. Because of the position of the moss ball the sapling grew nice and crooked. Now I want to try to make it into a non traditional bonsai tree. I removed it from the sock and trimmed the roots back and placed it in a smallish dish. Instead of wiring the branches I'll try to achieve interestingly crooked growth by growing it in strange angles.

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