Saturday, 31 March 2012

What A Difference A Week Makes

After coming back from a week in sunny warm London I was curious about what had grown in the garden. In the Netherlands it had also been a perfect spring week filled with sunshine (but no rain). Thankfully there have been no casualties. The Cyathea australis seems to have suffered a bit from low night temperatures with a bit of browning of the leaf margins but I'm fairly confident it will recover nicely and continue to throw out fronds that are more suited to dealing with outdoors growing (it was growing in a greenhouse). I'll post a couple of pictures of the things that have shown the most growth.

First of all the Edelweiss in the lime rich alpine container. I got this plant cheap (1 euro) at a plant sale outside of the yearly bulb sale at the Keukenhof and it seems to quite like its new home. Here is a previous photograph of it showing the beginning of spring growth. Now it has thrown out a nice bit of foliage and I can't wait for it to bloom again with it's lovely silvery flowers.

Speaking of the this container I'm a bit surprised the Pulsatilla is not doing much yet. At Kew they were in full flower but here there is very little growth.

I am excited to see the Cypripedium 'Pueblo' growing along nicely, seemingly unaffected by the repotting.

In the ground there have also been a couple of nice surprises. I talked about planting some Meconopsis betonifolia into the ground last October, and being pretty sure they did not make it (eaten by the chicken, or just not settling in). However inspecting the ground today I found two little plants coming up so they survived.

As for flowers I came back to the snakehead frittelaria almost blooming, and an uncommon anemone also slowly starting to put out some flowers. I bought this anemone at the aforementioned bulb market. It is a relatively uncommon variety but once again I misplaced the label (I know I put it somewhere). So for now it is a NOID.[EDIT I have found the website of the people I bought it from and it is Anemone apennina 'Petrovac']  It suffered a bit from some chicken burglars who really should not be getting into that part of the garden. One thing I am slightly worried about are the hardy orchids that are in the full ground. None are coming up yet but I'll be patient till at least the end of April.

In the house there has also been some significant growth namely from the Euphorbia Bupleurifolia. Not so long ago it only showed it had woken up by throwing up some growth points, but now it has a significant amount of leaves showing, I'm both happy and surprised with how quickly this grew.

Update: Cypripedium Pueblo is now in flower.

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