Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Allium Mystery

As detailed in a previous post I made a lovely scrambled egg with what I thought to be wild garlic (allium ursicum). The guardian has an article up about wild garlic and everything you can do with it. The picture above the article however looks like a completely different plant than what I picked and ate. I posted in the comments to see if anyone knew if this was a diffrent kind of allium. Commenter RestlessSF suggested it might be Allium scorodoprasum. I went to the allotment today to take some pictures to help with identification. They are almost done and are quickly fading away so I hope there is enough to go on. I will update the post when I know what it is.


We have a winner! As you can see in the comments RestlessSF figured out the mystery. It is indeed Allium Paradoxum. Common name in English: few flowered garlic. If you look on this dutch site you can see that it grows exactly in the area where I am on moist sandy soils near the dunes. Slightly more worrisome is that this site describes it as slightly poisonous (especially for dogs) but paradoxically also describes that the bulbs are commonly used as a garlic substitute. All I know was that the leaves were delicious in the scrambled eggs but I might not eat them again just to be sure. I ordered some Allium ursicum seeds so maybe I will be growing my very own wild garlic very soon.


restlessFS said...

Hi, I'm "restlessFS", from the guardian page, thanks for the extra pictures, searching a bit around your mistery garlic looks like Allium paradoxum, Look at the last picture in this page...
And this page:

Happily edible and not protected anywhere ("normal" garlic can also be dangerous for dogs, I read once).
So enjoy!

restlessFS said...

Me again (restlessFS)
Happy to have helped with the mistery garlic!
As for the toxicity, don't worry too much, many things are perfectly good for us humans but bad for dogs.
Onions and garlic are toxic in large amounts, especially onions.
Dark chocolate can be lethal too.
Xylitol is another problem, keep "vacuum cleaning" dogs away from sugar-free gums and sweets. The liver of dogs can't deal with it at all.
I'm a mine of useless informations, I know ;-)
Apparently raisins can be a problem too.

restlessFS said...

A link