Sunday, 1 April 2012

Aloe Plicatilis And Some Other Treats

Aside from the lovely jade vine, the Aloe Plicatilis was the other plant that really struck me at Kew. There is something very beguiling about the fan shape and I am a sucker for tree form succulents anyhow. And while I can't grow the jade vine at home, Aloe Plicatilis is worth a try.

On a visit to a garden centre I picked up this little aloe that reminded me a bit of the fan shape (but I'm aware it is probably not plicatilis). All the little succulents were labelled except for this little guy so if anyone knows its name please leave a message in the comments.

Back to the Aloe Plicatilis. I ordered some seed from Ebay and the seller had some other interesting succulent seed. One of which I saw at Kew and really liked; Cissus cyphostemma juttae. So I thought that was worth a try as well.

And as a little extra I also ordered Pachypodium saundersii which I hope will be as much of a joy to grow as  Pachypodium rosulatum. \
The seed should arrive somewhere in the coming week, you know what they say 'you can never have to many projects'.

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