Sunday, 29 April 2012

Aloe Plicatilis Germinates

It does not look like much yet but I am delighted that one of the Aloe Plicatilis germinated. It took three weeks but it felt longer because the Pachypodium saundersii germinated in a week. I was very close to just ordering a tissue culture grown one from this website. I may actually still do that. The Aloe Polyphylla has not germinated yet and I fear it will never do so (has been in situ for 5 months). Besides it will be interesting to compare a seed grown Aloe Plicatilis to one from tissue culture.
Where I quickly potted on the Pachypodium saundersii this little Aloe will probably stay put for quite a while. I gather from the info on the web that it is best to wait moving them on until they have at least 4 leaves so I will try to be as patient as I can. Here is hoping the Cissus will germinate as well.

Update on the seedlings
Growth Report: Aloe Plicatilis

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