Saturday, 21 April 2012

First Harvest

Finally the time was there to pull something edible from the land, in this case the lovingly obliging radish. Normally not my favoroute veg, this little trooper earns my pure respect for being so so easy. And it must be said that the flavour of a fresh radish is far superior to what you can buy in the supermarket. Esspecially the red pack an intense punch. I still have a whole patch sown so I will probably try to pickle some of them daikon style.

The pear and cherry trees have finally burst into flower. They are visited by the bees from a couple of allotments down the path, buzzing away happily with legs heavy with pollen. The warmer weather also gave an unwelcome boost to the weeds which seem to multiply so fast it is increasingly hard to keep up. Half the time on the allottment is filled with hoeing and getting on your knees pulling up the weedy offenders.

I know I mentioned that I'm not particularly fond of fancy dahlias, but this has not stopped me from growing some in pots last year. I dug these up and left them in the shed not even covered with anything. These seem a good choice to plonk on the edge of the plot providing some ridiculous colour for late summer. I planted them nice in deep so they will survive a mild winter (if we ever get mild winters anymore). 

Lastly I planted out 30 little strawberry plants. I was planning to get some special varieties from the market on the allotment site next month. However my mum picked these up for next to no money so we will see what they do. I designated the space in front of all the berry plants as the strawberry patch since we upturned so many plants there anyway. I am not being particularly fussy about them either just planting them were there is an open space. With a bit of luck there will be a mightly strawberry carpet there. For now I am not yet planning to build a net cage over them. I am happy to share with the birds as long as it does not get out of hand, if it does I will reconsider.

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