Friday, 20 April 2012

Last Frost?

I think we might have had the last frost of spring a couple days ago. All the weather forecasts are moving in a upward trajectory and there are no sub zero temperatures expected these next two weeks. Of the sensitive plants already outside only the Aeonium 'Velour' sustained a bit of frost damage. As you can see the rosettes have been affected but I am quite sure it will recover in due time. It was a bit of a risk leaving it outside already but I was really curious about the hardiness of this variety. I already have two rooted cuttings so losing it would not be a disaster.

I totally forgot to put a upturned pot on the Cypripedium 'Pueblo'. The instructions that came with this orchid said it is a good idea to protect them from frost the first year (since they are a bit forced when you buy them ). But as you can see it has not suffered at all. The Dicksonia antarctica also did not seem to mind. There are still a few crispy edges on the older fronds but these are from the first frosts of winter before I protected it. The other tree fern  Cyanthea australis is still standing in my room since it did not like the sudden transition from growing in a greenhouse to the cold nights of spring.

Even if the last frost of spring has passed I am not jumping into action yet. The plumeria and adenium and pachypodium are spending the day outside when it is sunny but it is still too cold to have them stay the night outside. Only when it gets approximately 10 degrees outside I will leave them there in a little glass mini greenhouse. That will probably still be about a week and a half away.
The Cyanthea australis is staying nice and cushy in my room till mid May. All the tropical veg are still way too small to plant out (I might have been a little late with the tomatoes and peppers). But it would be a relief to not have every bit of space by the windows cramped with plants.

Update: Cypripedium Pueblo now in flower.

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