Saturday, 7 April 2012

Meconopsis Punicea In Bud

Easily the most exciting thing in the garden today. Meconopsis Punicea is forming a nice fat bud smack in the middle of the rosette. I can't wait to see it flower and hopefully set seed so I can sow them since the rosette tends to die after flowering. I was afraid that this would be a very difficult flower but it really isn't. I keep it in a really deep container with plenty of grit in the bottom but the mix is very water retentive (a lot of peat) and fertile. I only half protected it from the winter rains (a bit of plastic over it). Maybe this is the secret  to having it be both moist and free draining.

I almost can't believe how far ahead the punicea is compared to the lingholm. Though you can see it has grown on significantly from last picture. There only two rosettes were visible while now there are five, it is yet to but on any significant amount of foliage. It certainly is nowhere compared to the punicea yet.

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