Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Vivarium Inhabitant

Regrettably two weeks ago Dendrobates auratus 'microspot' Skinny Dude passed away, leaving Mrs Fatso all alone. So today I went and got a new mate (or lesbian lover) for her. Where Mrs Fatso thrived and grew like nobodies business, Skinny Dude stayed skinny and died the day after I applied a anti worm medication via a drop on the skin. I'm not sure whether that was the last drop to put him over the edge but I am not sure I'm going to use the drops on Mrs Fatso and the new guy/girl ( I did get anti worm in powder form). The vivarium itself has grown in nicely, moss in finally growing on the clay and the tree fern slabs are sprouting all sorts of greenery. In future posts I shall document some of the orchids and brommeliads I have growing (and hopefully blooming as well). For now here are some pics of the new frog in town (who is now basically hiding beneath the coconut).

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