Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pachypodium Saundersii Germinates Fast

A week ago I soaked six seeds of Pachypodium saundersii and put them in the germinator, now all of them have sprouted. The Cissus and Aloe are not showing any sign of live yet unfortunately. I am a fan of easy germination, there are few things more frustrating than buying interesting seed and getting all excited only for them not to germinate. It is amazing to see that these little things will probably be around the size of the Pachypodium rosulatum next summer. They are allowed to stay where they are for a little while yet. When they are standing tall and maybe making their first true leaves I will transplant them into their little terracotta pots in a mix of cactus soil and maybe a bit of perlite (I should pick some up anyway).

There is also plenty of activity in the other seed tray. These are the little Pachypodium geayi coming up strong. I have one little plant from this batch of seed from last spring but it has failed to thrive quite as much as the rosulatum. I am exited to see whether these seedlings might be slightly more enthusiastic.

Aren't they adorable? These are little cactus seedlings sharing the incubator with the Pachypodium geayii. They are a mix of diffrent species (welcome to NOID hell). I had tried some of these last year but I failed to keep the seedlings moist enough. Apparently cactus need a while before you can start treating them like cactus. I think they are going to be in the incubator for a year (maybe just spacing them out a bit) on a sunny windowsill.

UPDATE: Potting On Pachypodium Saundersii


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

2 days ago I bought pachypodium saundersii seed, and I was wondering if you could explayin exactly the procedure you took to make them germinate, the type of soil, if they were covered with soil or just layed down on top of it etc. A month ago I tryed to germinate p. densiflorum but failed miserably. I got some pachypodium succulentum seeds is there any difference in the way to germinate them?

I hope I didn't annoy you with this question.

Cheers from Croatia!

Tessa_Leonie said...


For pachypodium seed I pretty much follow this procedure. I soak the seeds in water for about a day (I start out with warm water and just to be sure I use filtered water, bottled water would work too). I use normal cactus mix and make sure there are no large clumps in it. I lay the seed on top of the cactus mix and give it a really good spray of water. I then keep them in a propagator but covering the pot with a plastic bag should work as well. Keep a good eye on the soil as it should stay moist at all times. I have my propagator on top of the heating system so there is some bottom heat. With a bit of luck you should see germination in a week or at most a month.
Hope this helps!!! (let me know if you have success)


Tessa_Leonie said...

Ooh, forgot to mention some things. I do sow them on top of the soil but I do push them in so they make really good contact with the soil. As long as I can see part of the seed I am happy. But you do not want the seed to just touch the soil with a small piece on the back.

I also sometimes get a bit of fungus with these types of seed so keep an eye out for those typical white hairs. Usually a sprinkling of cinnamon on top of the fungus kills it off without harming the seed.

good luck again!

ps, I am certainly not annoyed with questions, I love them!

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing...

how much sun do they need to germinate, ful sun or less?

Thank you very much for the reply!

Tessa_Leonie said...

I would say bright light but not too much direct sunlight. I have them on a windowsill behind sheer curtains. So in the morning they get a lot of light but they don't dry out due to full sun.