Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Primula Auricula Karen Cordrey In Flower

This was a primula I ordered last spring from Kevock. It did not flower that year but put on a steady stream of new rosettes. Taking care of it has been rather easy. I put it in a terracotta pot in good pot soil with plenty of grid added for drainage. It might have gotten an occasional watering with some miracle grow but all in all my fertiliser scheme has been rather lacks. In winter I kept it outside but under cover so it only got a bit of water when I thought of it, which was not very often. It has now been in bud for about a month but today with the good weather the bloom finally opened up.

There is something rather elegant about the combination of black and white with an edge of green echoing the colour of the leaves (and OK a splash of yellow in the centre). Add a generous sprinkling of farina and I think it makes for quite a looker. there are three flower clusters opening up now and several more coming so I figure out it will be in flower for quite some time. After it is done flowering I will divide the plant into several rosettes, if anyone is interested in a trade or something like that leave me a message in the comments.

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Julle Ten Hove said...


Ik begrijp uit je foto's en berichten dat je ook Aurkeltjes verzamelt?
Omdat er zo weinig verzamelaars zijn in de Lage Landen zou ik wel wat afleggers met je willen ruilen. k heb er zo'n 250 soorten op naam en heb nog wat afleggers over.

Laat maar weten of je geinterreseerd bent.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ina ten Hove