Sunday, 15 April 2012

Red Hot Container

After moving all the fruit and veg from the balcony to the allotment I was left with a lot of empty containers. The  largest of these containers is the size of a rather large baby bath. It used to house the raspberry canes (including tayberry and wineberry). I moved it down to the garden and decided to plant it with flowers this year. The theme will be Red Hot. I don't have many red flowers in the border. Not because I don't love reds, I do, but they don't combine particularly well with the blues I like so much. So by planting one container full with red hot goodness I can enjoy the heat without creating discord in the borders.

This weekend I picked up some plants at the spring market. Including some red hot ones for the containers.

Now I am not a big fan of dahlia's overall, they tend to be overbred unnecessarily complicated flowers. This 'Bishop of Llandaff' is another story. The single flowers are a pleasant scorching red and the fact that the foliage is dark as well should add to its charm. I know I should probably have waited with planting but I could not help myself here is hoping for good good weather.

This is a Primula Japonica 'Miller's Crimson'. If I fail again with the Primula Melananthes I might not have a black candelabra type Primula but I will have a red. I am taking a small risk with it because it is going to get more sun than it might like but I hope that by keeping it constantly moist it will cope.

I also have some plants in smaller containers that would feel at home in the colour scheme. Here is a  Cosmos atrosanguineus 'ChochoMocha'. This is a lovely bordeaux coloured cosmos with a lovely scent and it flowers its head of all through summer. It is supposedly half hardy but it survived really low temperature this winter without a problem.

Another surprise survivor was Salvia 'Hot Lips'. I kept the pot I had it in in a very dry position and that seemed to be enough to have it survive very low temperatures. I like this for its abundance of small charming red and white flowers and for the fantastic smell the leaves have. The form is somewhat untidy so I placed it in the back/mid of the container. Next to it a red Geum that I got on sale last November, and in the front a Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' that was in the container with the Cosmos.

And to top it off some seed I had left over from last year. Nemophila 'penny black' is a lovely and easy plant that I hope will froth over the edge and cover the soil with its little black and white flowers. I know it is easy to grow because last year I also grew it in a container without any problems.  Then some poppies for some extra wow factor. A couple of large Papaver somniferum 'Black Paeony' in the back and some Papaver commutatum (ladybird poppy) in the middle. I really can't wait till this container lights the garden of fire.

Growth Update; Lots of flowers

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