Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Seed Arrival

As mentioned in this post, I fell in love with Aloe Plicatilis and decided I wanted to grow it myself. So I ordered some seed (including Cissus cyphostemma juttae and Pachypodium saundersii),today they finally arrived. On another note  I found a website that sold tissue cultured succulents (including Aloe plicatilis but also for example Aloe polyphylla). I was extremely tempted to get some plants there but for now I'll make do with growing some from seed.

 The seed came with some germination instruction. So I am soaking the Aloe and Pachypodium in distilled water. I am rather pleased the seed is substantial (I dislike tiny tiny seed, so difficult to work with) Tomorrow I'll get some new cactus soil and a new incubator from the garden centre and plant the seed. 


Rina said...

I also had bought cyphostemma juttae seeds, it looks like we bought to the same person. Now I'm trying to do a germination. Hopefully can grow ..

Tessa Leonie said...

Out of the three juttae were the only ones not to take unfortunately.