Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Some New Herbs

This dutch company is selling an interesting range of herb, going well beyond your parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme regulars. A couple of days ago I picked up these puppies.

They are from left to right: plantago coronopus or buck's horn plantain, a plant that should be growing locally for me as well (it grows along the coast strip). Apparently it can be used as a veggie. Second is the very interesting sounding 'immortality herb' or Gynostemma pentaphylla 'Jiaogulan' a vining plant that can be used for tea and sports all sort of health benefits, from longevity to weight loss. It has been proven to have a cholesterol lowering effect and to have a decent amount of antioxidants. The last plant is Hyssop a traditional ingredient in absinthe, though it is not popular here in cooking other countries do use it in their cuisines.

I plan to do taste tests and recipe's for the things that come of the allotment and I think I might just cook something up with these herbs in the next couple of days (though maybe I should be giving the plantago a bit of a rest, it looks like it suffered a bit).

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