Monday, 2 April 2012

Sowing Some Seed

Waiting for the arrival of my Aloe Plicatilis seed I thought it would be a good idea to start sowing some of my other stuff as well. I started my tropical veg including Chenopodium, Amaranth, Horseradish tree and Hisbiscus Manihot and some blue hopi corn. Rummaging through my seed drawer I found a lot more fun seed that I thought deserved sowing. Some of those I have tried before and succeeded, I still have some Pachypodium rosulatum seed and some Pachypodium geayi. So while I don't necessarily need  more plants of those maybe one of those seedlings will prove to be genetically superior to my current seedlings and it would provide more specimens for experimentation. I also have some seed which I tried but failed with (largely due to neglect I'm afraid to admit). Some cactus mixed seed that I germinated fine before but the seedlings I neglected too much. Last winter I also ordered some South African seed which did not germinate well for me so I thought I could try again. These include Aloe polyphylla and Tylecodon cacalioides (tiny tiny seed). This time instead of sowing these in plastic pots covered with plastic bags I placed them in a propagator. Hopefully this will keep humidity up nicely.

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