Saturday, 14 April 2012

Spring Plant Market

One of the many upsides to the allotment is that I am now better informed about all the horticultural goings on. If not for the poster on the notice board I would not have been aware of an excellent little plant market held this weekend. Lots of stands with local nurseries means a perfect excuse to acquire some more fun plants. First thing that caught my eye was an an impressive clump of freshly divided Agapanthus 'black buddha'. I really like Agapanthus but so far have not grown them myself. The Agapanthus that I planted from tiny specimens from the garden centre at my grandmother have not survived the winter so I shall make sure to properly protect it in winter. I thought I would divide the clump and plant it in a couple of different containers. But I decided that seeing as it probably was already divided this year I might as well grow it in one pot and divide when the plant has finished flowering.

I also got myself two new bog iris since there is room after removing the Sarracenia. I am especially excited by finally getting a Louisiana type iris. Iris Louisiana 'Black Gamecock' is reportedly a very vigorous grower. It's flowers are not black enough to be included into the black and white iris project but it's purple leaves should surely do well amongst the bog irises (mostly blues, whites and purples). Iris laevigata 'Colsheterii' has charming white and blue flowers and should also feel right at home amongst the other bog iris. 

I also could not resist this little  Arisaema triphyllum. I seem to be developing a taste to striped flowers and this one is very cute. I put it in my bit of the garden where the woodland plants seem to like growing. Unfortunately the flower stalk almost snapped of during transport so this flower is probably doomed. But I comfort myself thinking it can now spend all the energy on establishing in its new habitat.

Last year one  of the delights in grandma's garden was the beautiful blue geranium 'Rozanne'. Not only were the delicate flowers a lovely shade of blue but they just kept on flowering for a ridiculously long time. I used to be biased against any geranium for the simple fact that I despise french geranium. But the hardy blue geranium have won me over completely. There were a lot of geranium for sale and I picked three of them up. One is a nice strong blue, the other is a white/blue stripey number and the last is a purple blue star form.

I could not resist getting this Pulsatilla 'rubra' because my vulgaris is not even thinking of flowering.

This is not all I must admit but I will cover the other plants in an upcoming post. They are red plants and are joining some of my other stock for a big container filled with ruby plants.

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