Saturday, 28 April 2012

Summer Bulbs

Last year I grew a big container with summer bulbs. Not everything thrived but I did really like the Commelina with its sky blue flowers. I also wanted to try growing Gloriosa Rothschildiana that year but the bulbs I ordered were desiccated and did not take. At the end of the season I bought a plant that had finished flowering on sale and kept it in a sunny spot with till it died down. It provided me with lovely big fat bulbs. I just wrapped all these summer bulbs in newspaper and put them in the shed. They have done fine this way and already show nice little growth points. I figured now would be a good time to pot them up.

I filled up four big pots with potting soil. Two of them will be planted with the Gloriosa one with the Commelina and the other with the NOID bulbs. I just planted them a couple of centimetres deep. The Gloriosa bulbs lying on the side and the Commelina with the growth points facing up. Then just firm the soil down a bit and water them in nicely. Should be seeing growth after a couple of weeks of warmer weather.

Update: Summer Bulbs Surface

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