Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wild Garlic Scramble

There is nothing yet to be harvested from the allotment. However next to the road that leads to the allotment site there are swathes of wild garlic in bloom. It is difficult to pick the wrong plant when you are harvesting wild garlic. The moment you bruise the lancet shaped leaves you get the distinct smell of onion and garlic. The taste of wild garlic is indeed more like spring onions than garlic though the taste is much subtler than your usual supermarket alliums. It is a shame to try and hide the taste too much so I made a simple scrambled egg with lightly sauteed wild garlic.

UPDATE: In this post I find out it is Allium paradoxum not Allium ursicum like I thought it might be.

thoroughly clean and rinse your wild garlic, picking out any other accidental pickings. Dry and then chop finely.

step 2

Add a large nob of butter to a pan on medium heat, throw in the chopped wild garlic while the butter is still melting.

step 3

Mix a couple of eggs (I used 5) together while the butter is melting and slowly cooking the wild garlic. When the butter is melted you can add the eggs

step 4

Now all you have to do is to keep the eggs moving. Once it starts to come together you can turn of the heat, the residual warmth will finish cooking the eggs without drying them out. I served them as Easter nibbles on slices of french bread. 

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