Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Aloe Plicatilis Seedling Growing Nicely

There is both good and bad news about the Aloe Plicatilis seedlings. The good news is that all five seeds germinated, the bad that two of them  did not make it. The last one to germinate got a case of damp off. I was a bit concerned about how wet the substrate was anyway so I took the container out of the propagator and onto the plant table so it could dry out a little.

 Unfortunately the smallest of the left over seedlings did not like the dryer environment one bit and dried out in what felt like a matter of minutes. So now there are only three left. I am still a bit antsy about how much moisture they would like and am getting anxious to repot. However I will try not to be tempted until they are a lot bigger.

 As you can see the biggest of the seedlings is starting to form the second leaf. I can also see the roots of this one hitting the bottom. I am still keeping them on the plant table and not in the incubator and keep a good eye on the moisture level of the substrate.

Update; I have potted them on into individual pots

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