Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

After yesterday's downer of a post I thought I would look at some things that are working out right now.

Not extremely clear on the photo but a third Aloe plicatilis has germinated and the first one that did is growing along nicely, can't wait for the second leaf.

The tissue culture Aloe plicatilis is showing signs of pushing out a new leaf, something that was not yet apparent when I got it. I know they are not known for growing very fast but I hope for some significant growth this growing season. The weather now is unseasonably cold but when it warms up a bit at night this will go join the Aloe polyphylla outside on the table (good dose of morning sun but protected from the midday heat).

I am pleasantly surprised by how long the Primula auricula 'Karen Cordrey' is in flower. It has been about a month and it is not done yet.

Primula japonica 'Miller's crimson'is flowering and though it is more pink than crimson I am delighted. It has put on a spectacular amount of growth since it was planted, and it has proven itself to be delightfully chicken proof.

Clematis montana is finally putting on a show again after struggling a bit last couple of years. It is still the plan to give this one a good trimming once it is done flowering because there is a significant amount of dead wood underneath that carpet of flowers. 

Clematis armandii is growing upwards with incredible speed. If it keeps growing as fast as it is now it will reach the top of the wall this season. The only question that remains is whether it will flower next year without seeing much if any sun.

The single flower of the Pulsatilla rubra did not last long. However I am ever so happy with how nice the seedhead looks. Come on that as almost as good as an actual flower!

Last couple of springs it has been dry, very dry. This has been something that the Acer did not like. For the last  couple of years the tips of the leaves were left brittle and scorched but with this cold damp spring the acer looks amazing.

Since what happened to the Meconopsis punicea I am loathe to cheer a couple of buds. But I can't be anything but excited for this little Calceolaria uniflora 'Darwinii'. Another bud is appearing and the plant itself is growing so I will hopefully have more rosettes pretty soon. I am thinking this one is also quite happy with the cool and the damp.

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