Monday, 7 May 2012

Bad Bad Day

After fixing a hole in the fence keeping the chickies out of my part of the garden I thought everything was save, I was wrong. Today one of the chickens got in and wreaked complete and utter havoc killing a lot of plants. I am not even going to be bothered posting a pic of the damage but it is bad. Meconopsis betonifolia stripped of all its leaves. Iris korolkowii which was really rather expensive and with whom I was very pleased because it seemed to like its position is also completely dug up and has no leaf left aka dead. Meconopsis quintuplinervia was growing so well but all that is left now is two bits of roots with a measly  leaf attached, it would surprise me if it would continue growing. Spanking new Arisaema triphyllum has disappeared completely.

But that is not all, all the little alliums are flattened, the anemone eaten away and the bluebells broken off before they can flower. Add to this the fact that the Meconopsis Punicea suddenly seems to have decided to die on me before opening up those buds. And the fact that Primula euprepes again seems to be slowly dieing on me this is not a very good day.

If I was not vegetarian I would be eating chicken soup today.

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