Sunday, 20 May 2012

Calceolaria Uniflora Darwinii In Flower

 The flower bud on the Calceolaria Uniflora darwinii opened up and what a stunner it is. First thing that gets to you is just how large the flower is compared to the plant itself, it is huge. I just love how unusual this looks, form the shape to the white band over the lip this is maybe my favourite flower this year so far (shared position with the cypripediums). I hope I manage to overwinter it and slowly fill this whole pan with these little things, seeing as the second bud is forming I might even get some seed.

unfortunately the flower did not last long, a couple of day tops. Even more the whole plant died soon after. I think the plant used too much energy for flowering exhausting the plants. I am going to try this plant again next year and I won't permit it to flower. It survival chances will surely be better if it spend it's first year producing more rosettes and a more robust root system.

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