Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cloud Pruning: First Snip Of The Season

After a good bit of growing it is time for the first haircut of the season for the cloud pruned box project. The rather sad looking branches have grown a bit fuller and it is necessary to stop some vertical growth to ensure they will form nice full blobby balls. This season it is not about the final shape yet, this season is mostly to encourage as much branching with in the 'clouds' and try and encourage vigorous growth. I am also not entirely happy yet with some of the branches, I might yet cull some or wire them next season into a new position.

One thing to keep on top of is to keep the branches bare where you want them, constantly nip out new growths to stop new branches from forming.

Now to the actual pruning. This is not very precise topiary so I am roughly pruning in what I feel would grow out to be nice round forms. Taking special care to nip out the strong new branches that only want to go up up up. I am using bonsai shears to cut.

Here is the result of the first trim. Off course it is no where near the desired end result which I hope to reach in a year or two but it is already steadily improving. The rest of the season I will be mainly concerned with removing too enthusiastic branches and hoping the pom poms grow nice and bushy. Real shaping will be the job next season. Finally I covered the pot in some gravel.

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