Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cypripedium Kentucky

A new day a new Cypripedium. Global gardens apparently had a new delivery from Garden Orchids and with the success of the Cypripedium Pueblo I knew I had to get another one. There were three varieties to choose from. Kentucky (which I chose), Parville and Reginea. I still have a little bit of hope my Reginea will show up eventually so that one was out. Parville was in flower and looking rather stunning. The reason I chose Kentucky was that it was still in bud and has four good stalks. I am sort of hoping to get Parville on sale sometime.

Root system looking lovely (though not as spectacular as the root system on Pueblo). I am sort of wondering whether this is a Cypripedium kentuckiense or a hybrid of that species but we will see. I bought another dish shaped pot, not as elegant as the one for Pueblo but it will do. As a soil mix I am using a very unscientific mix of a couple scoops of expanded clay balls, a couple of scoops of left over gritty succulent mix, a handful of normal potting soil and finally topping it off with a good amount of orchid soil. Now this orchid soil is horrible for orchids inside the house (holds way to much moisture for my liking) but it should be fine for this Cypripedium. Can not wait for it to bloom in a couple of weeks.

Update: Cyripedium Kentucky now in flower

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