Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cypripedium Reginae Rescue

Last spring I bought this plant from Kevock. It had I think three stalks but did not flower that year. I had it in one of the shade containers but in fall when the leaves died down I decided to plant it in the ground with some other hardy orchids. However now in spring the chickens have dug up the root system twice so I am going to grow it like I grow the other cypripediums; in a container on the table.

Though the chickens did manage to break of some roots there is still a relatively healthy amount left. I am not holding out hope for flowers this year but at least it looks alive. I am a bit disturbed that it has not really started any growth yet but the rhizome is firm and there are growth points showing.

There are at least three nice fat growth points and I think I spotted one or two smaller ones hidden in the dirt. I am using the same mix as I did for the Cypripedium Kentucky, orchid soil, some clay balls, a bit of gravely succulent mix and a hand full of potting soil.

In the hope of kickstarting growth I am planting it on a bit of a hill. Allowing the roots to go deep down while having the growth points near to the surface. You can see one of the growth points just peeking out so hopefully it will respond to the light. Naturally when I get my new bag of gravel this plant as well will be given a stony mulch. Here is hoping it springs into action.

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