Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dividing Primula Auricula

Now Primula Auricula Karen Cordrey is finished flowering it is time to divide it up so I will have more plants next year. Not only that but supposedly it also grows better divided each year.

It came out of the pot easily and as you can see it has formed a nice full root system.

First thing I did was basically tear it in half. That was pretty easy, did not even need a knife.

One of the rosettes broke off without any roots but I figure with a bit of luck it should root anyways.

I am not dividing it into singly rosettes because I just don't have that many pots right now. I just look at where it would be easy to divide an cut through.

From one nicely filled pot of Auricula Karen Cordrey to five pots! I wonder is all of them will flower this year. The potting mix I used is pretty simple, just potting soil mixed with gravel. To test how much gravel I squeezed the soil. If it forms a ball it needs more gravel. If it falls apart again it is about right.

I bought this Primula auricula 'Black Jack' at the garden centre. It is a double auricula with nice dark red flowers. I thought it would be fun to try and cross this with Karen Cordrey next year.

This plant is not as big yet as Karen Cordrey but I should be able to get at least three plants from it.

Three plants it is.

These are a couple of mixed Primula Auricula that I grew from seed last year. They have been slightly mistreated and thus haven't grown much but with a repot and some more water they should be fine.

So now I have 12 pots with Primula Auricula. I am going to put them in a sunny position and water them on the same schedule as the Adeniums. This means watering them every three days or less if its cold and wet. After the summer they are going under the rain protection and watered only very very sporadically. Spring should be filled with flowers.

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