Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ferns, Ferns, Ferns

I've decided to make a bit of a fern corner on top of the horribly ugly plastic construction meant to keep the cushions dry. The location means that the foliage gets quite a bit of sun but the pots are in shade. I already had the two tree ferns (Dicksonia Antarctica and Cyathea Australis) up there and thought it would be fun to have some additional ferns to fill up the gap. The Dicksonia is doing very well the new fronds just keep coming. I have removed two of the older fronds that had some frostbite and wrapped them around the base to help increase moisture and to help me keep count for the frond count.

The Cyathea is finally recovering from the horrible shock of not being mollycoddled in a greenhouse. All the old fronds have some degree of damage. It does not look pretty but taking them out would only serve to weaken the plant. On a positive note it has now finally started unfurling some new fronds so it should start to look better.

This little Dryopteris erythrosora caught my eye with its lovely new fronds which have a lovely orange hue. 

I like this one as well I think it might be a  Polystichum acrostichoides or Christmas fern but I am not sure.

Similarly I don't know what this one is either it came as a NOID from the fern bench at the garden centre. But all in all I think they make quite a handsome foursome. Though I don't doubt they may have some new company pretty soon.

One fern I would really like is Athyrium niponicum var. pictum or Japanese painted fern. I actually bought one in mail order from Baldur but it did not show up this spring. The whole Baldur thing has been a bit of a disaster anyhow. I also bought some hardy orchids and upon arrival I checked their roots (autumn). The roots were either non existent or completely dried out. I mailed their customer service and quickly got a response. If my plants did not grow in spring I would get replacements. So I emailed them this spring that the plants were indeed not viable but I have yet to have a response. It has been months and I have sent them numerous emails but I get complete radio silence. I would say do not get any plants at Baldur their service is horrible and so is the quality of their plants.

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