Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fun Mutation In Aquilegia Black Barlow

As some of you know I have a couple of Aquilegia Black Barlow growing in my garden. I grew these from seed last spring and had some spares I put into my grandmother's garden. To my delight one of them has a really cool mutation. Instead of the full double flowers this one has a single row of ten petals. It really does look like a clematis flower.

Here is one exhibiting the normal form as you can see the mutation is also much larger.  I really like the big single flower and will definitely get seed from that plant to see whether some of the seedlings will exhibit the same form. I know Aquilegia is very variable by nature but I am sure happy it turned out this way.

The flowers are really nice and dark and because of their form even more 'gothic' than the normal form. The plant itself is strong with only marginally less flower stalks than its neighbours.

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