Monday, 21 May 2012

A Lot Ment

A lot of things going on at the allotment site. The weeds are teeming and it certainly is more work than I thought it would be. But slowly but surely it is starting to look like something, lets have a look.

This is the patch that was first sown. The radishes have been harvested in the middle bit (reseeded now) but the lettuce is doing nicely and there are some carrots growing through them as well.

The broad beans are in flower and growing nicely. And what flowers! Beautiful black and white flowers and in a couple of weeks lovely beans.

The peas are doing well, some are in flower already. The rocket on the other hand looks a bit straggly but it is good to eat.

Red leaf lettuce growing underneath the cherry tree and looking strong and healthy. Bottom right you can see the germinated chives and on the left some endive and I think beets.

Some of the cabbages are being eaten by something. Here the purple cauliflower looks quite beaten up. I hope it pulls through because the normal bigger cauliflowers are quite happy.

Here they are looking robust.

Asparagus is finally piercing through. I am not sure how old this bed is so I am only taking from one half of the bed.

Early potatoes are doing well, I have earthed them up about three times now so that should be enough.

Jerusalem artichokes are growing quickly, I love these so I hope they produce lots.

The poor strawberries that were ploughed over and only turned right way up again in late winter are going marvellously. In a couple weeks I can stuff my face with juicy strawberries.

Cherry tree has taken well to the transplant and is absolutely full with fruit. Let us hope the birds don't eat them before we do.

In the hope of getting mega pumpkins I covered the manure heap with a couple of bags of potting soil and then a layer of landscaping fabric. This should keep it warm and moist. In it I  planted a selection of pumpkins and courgette and aubergine.

Some left over pumpkins are joining their traditional 'three sisters' partners of the newly planted out runner beans and corn.

Today's harvest were some test carrots (are they big yet?) asparagus spears, rocket and lettuce.

And as a bonus a bunch of wildflowers growing on the margins.

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