Friday, 11 May 2012

Meconopsis Update

Both the Meconopsis Punicea and the Meconopsis Lingholm seem to suffer from some kind of rot. I pulled at one bud of the punicea and it along with a quarter of the rosette came of easily revealing rotted tissue. There was also some live tissue so I am holding about 4 percent hope for this one.

The Meconopsis Lingholm has one green rosette left and I removed all the dead ones.  I really want to see those blue poppies so a trip to the garden centre was warranted. Unfortunately they did not have any blue varieties but I still picked up a Meconopsis betonifolia 'Alba' and a small Meconopsis napaulensis.  The white meconopsis was planted alongside the Lingholm. Since I have one Meconopsis napaulensis in a big container (rosettes get a meter across) I thought I would try this one in the ground.

So in all likelihood I will not be seeing any flowers from the Meconopsis this year but I will be sure to see whether I can find some more blue ones and hopefully I can keep them alive until they flower next time.

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