Thursday, 3 May 2012

Shady Containers

After moving the shade containers they have become more of a focal point in the garden. When you sit on the outside sofa you look straight at them. This new situation merits a bit of extra planting to fill them out a bit more. In this container I added a little fern; Asplenium trichomanes. I like ferns full stop but this one promises to stay nice an small and its foliage is extra dainty. I do hope it will cope with the acid soil since it supposedly likes it better in alkaline habitats. I do worry a bit about the Meconopsis Punicea though. It is looking very anaemic. It still gets about the same amount of sun as it did in its prior position and I added plenty of slow release fertiliser in early spring. In short I have no idea why it is looking sad and I really really want to see those buds coming into flower. I have given it a drink with a bit of liquid fertiliser (standard Miracle Grow) and a couple of added drops of Superthrive in the hope that this would perk it up.

In the container with the Meconopsis Lingholm I added a Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost'. Just as with the blue Hosta these leaves contrast really nicely with the black containers. The leaves really do look awesome and 'touched by frost'. The little blue flowers are charming as well. The Myconopsis is not growing as quickly as I would like it to but I continue to be patient.

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