Sunday, 13 May 2012

Trunk Rot In Pachypodium Geayi

First succulent casualty of the season is Pachypodium Geayi, I noticed it was flopping over a bit and on inspection the lover part of the stem was soft and mushy.

It never thrived like the Pachypodium Rosulatum but I had hope for it because it did start making leaves. However I think what killed it is that I did treat it the same as the Pachypodium Rosulatum and the Adeniums. I gave it just as much water and sun but because this plant actually did go into dormancy it did not appreciate the conditions.

After removing it from the pot it was clear that the root situation was also rather poor. There was one shrivelled little root attached.

Here you can see the difference between the healthy part and rotted part of the plant. Though this is still a very young plant I am going to try and see whether the healthy top part will reroot. I am drying it for a couple of days and sticking it in dry very gritty compost to see whether it will make a comeback. I am not too broken hearted over this because a month or so back I sowed some left over seed and now I have a brand spanking new Pachypodium Geayi seedling which I will treat with a little bit more care.

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Alice Chan said...

So does it grow new roots?