Sunday, 27 May 2012

Trying Out Some Agaves

At the yearly all night plant market in Haarlem the bulk of the stalls are filled with auction fodder. You can certainly get your fill of hanging baskets, small olive tries and fuchsias. But there are one or two passionate growers who will have some interesting things for sale. One of these was a guy with a stall chock full of agaves. I have zero experience with these plants but thought it would be cool to try a couple out and see how they grow for me. I basically picked out three that I thought looked interesting.

This little one is labelled Dasy hidalgensis. Now Internet was not very helpful in figuring out what plant it is. I am asuming it is an agave because so were all the other plants in this stall. There is an Agave dasylirioides, and also an Agave hidalgensis. But I can't find any results for Agave dasylirioides hidalgensis. Maybe I should be going by the assumption that it is a dasyliriodes found in Hidalgo Mexico.

This is the well known (although not to me) Agave victoria reginae. I chose it for the cool white variegation and had no idea how cool it could look when fully grown. Though I'm not sure I will ever see it in its spherical glory because it grows so slowly but it is nonetheless a neat looking plant.

 This was a bit of a wildcard and a bit more expensive than the other two but I could not resist. It is a Agave titanota hybrid with red colouration named 'Red Catweasel'. It is from tissue culture and I can't wait to see how it grows up.

In a side stall there were also these Epiphyllum cuttings. They were all named but my memory deserts me once again. I know of the three Epiphyllum there are one white and one red one. I might have also gotten the traditional 'Queen of the Night' as well. The other two are not Epiphyllum but something else that escapes me at the moment. They still have to dry off for a week before I plant them.

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