Thursday, 31 May 2012

Two More Newbies

Besides the Agaves and Epiphyllum these are two other notable plants that we picked up at the all night market. This Dicentra 'Burning Heart'. I don't dislike your regular Dicentra but this one has such fantastic foliage. It blueish and silverish and contrasts really nicely with the dark red flowers.

This is more of a sun lover compared to other Dicentras as you can tell by the foliage. I am keeping them in their pots for now because I really would not know where to put them yet.

This is the other find. A nice little Protea, Leucospermum 'Volcano'. I saw some beautiful Protea on the Chelsea Flower Show broadcast on the BBC and wanted to grow something similar.

I like just how weird these flowers are all pincushiony and hairy. We'll see whether I can coax some more flowers from it.

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