Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Where I Cover Everything With Gravel

Even though the new fence keeps the chickens out of one part of the garden, there are still plenty of containers within their reach. One container they felt particularly enthusiastic about digging it over is the swamp iris container. In a bid to keep them from digging the plants up I have put a layer of gravel over it. Hopefully this solves the digging problem while still allowing the plants to push through.

The Germanica Iris were also in dire need of some protection. Last September I moved these from containers into the garden thinking the chickens won't eat them. They indeed do not eat the leaves but they do try and dig out the rhizomes every so often so here too a layer of gravel should discourage them from digging here.

I also bought a finer gravel. I am planning to use this as a mulch and a way of stabilising some of the plumeria and adenium plants but adding it to the alpine container I really loved the way it looked. It will keep some moisture in and also keep the weeds down and it just looks damn pretty.

The Calciolaria Uniflora darwinii should be happy with the protection against evaporation while also raising the 'soil' level slightly for its delicate roots to grow down in.

The buds on the Cypripedium Pueblo are almost open and I really like how neat the gravel looks here. Not the best colour combination with the terracotta I know but I still like it.

I also covered the containers with the Iris Chrysographes with a layer of gravel. Especially the left container with the seed grown iris was filling up with liverwort so the gravel should take care of that. 

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