Sunday, 3 June 2012

Aloe Dichotoma?

I bought this Aloe as a NOID at the succulent section of the garden centre for next to nothing, just because I liked the way it looked. But browsing the Internet a bit I stumbled upon this picture at Dave's Garden and I thought the two looked quite similar. So now my guess is that this is in fact Aloe dichotoma or the quivertree. I am rather stoked about this since I find tree aloes to be quite interesting.

The thing is that it looks great as a baby with the tight rosette and little yellow spines. It also looks great as an adult with a beautiful trunk. But in between it does have a tendency to look a bit lanky.

I was treating this rather the same as my other NOID aloe. Lots of sunlight and one or two days of complete dryness before watering again. Looking at the culture requirements of Aloe dichotoma I don't think I will change this at all. I will however put it in a bigger pot next spring to allow for sufficient root growth. These are slow growers when they are bigger but supposedly medium to quite fast when young and kept under favourable conditions.  If you look at this picture on wikipedia you can see that they can grow quite a lot in as little as three months.

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