Friday, 8 June 2012

Could Not Resist...Aloe Plicatilis Edition

 I told myself I was going to wait potting up the Aloe plicatilis seedling until they were at least growing their third leaf. However I could not wait that long. This has a lot to do with general impatience and the fact that I found some nice new terracotta pots. But I was also starting to worry about the conditions in their little see through container. A steady layer of algae was starting to cover the surface (not necessarily bad) but most importantly the soil was breaking, deep cracks that could stunt root growth.

 As you can see the roots have very much reached the bottom and looked eager to go a bit deeper. At this stage they may also appreciate a still moist but also slightly more loose aerated soil.

The compact nature of the seedling soil meant it was easy to repot the seedlings without having to touch the leaves or stress the roots. I could simply break of the block of soil where the seedling grew in and transfer it into a the new pot.

I used a mix of one part potting soil and one part gravel, adding a small scoop of sand for extra drainage. The peat in the potting soil combined with only watering with rainwater should help create the slightly acidic environment these plants are supposed to like. I am not worried about the peat breaking down because with the rate they are growing they might be ready for a bigger pot come next spring.

I gave them a good watering and will keep them at least moist for the next couple of weeks. Once they get a bit bigger I might let them dry out a tiny bit more.

Update June 14th

Alas the seedling with only one leaf did not make it. This should teach me to be patient and wait for that extra leaf. I did not get the feeling I kept it too dry, the medium was still a bit moist.

So another one down and only two left. However both of these are doing quite well. One is outside with my other aloes and the other on the orchid table. And would you look at that, the outside seedling is showing the beginnings of a third leaf.

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